Sacha's work can be found in the following publications.
Women of Wonder Cover

Women of Wonder: Celebrating Women Creators of Fantastic Art. 2015


White Cloud Worlds 274x274Features in 'White Cloud Worlds' - Volume 3.

An anthology of science fiction and fantasy artwork from Aotearoa New Zealand. 2015

resizedimage224250 WCWvol2 cover2

As seen in White Cloud worlds - Volume 2 2012

   resizedimage187250 spectrum 19 3

Artwork selected for Spectrum 19. 2012 issue

   resizedimage187250 spectrum 2

Artwork selected for Spectrum 17. 2010 issue

resizedimage187250 Spectrum16 3

Artwork selected for Spectrum 16. 2009 issue

  resizedimage188250 spectrum2

Artwork selected for Spectrum 15. 2008 isssue

  resizedimage199250 WCW 2

As seen in White Cloud worlds. 2011

resizedimage198250 The art of T.T.T2

Artwork features in 'The art of L.O.T.R - The two towers'

  resizedimage192250 The art of T.F.O.T2.R2

Artwork features in 'The art of L.O.T.R -The Fellowship of the ring'

  resizedimage188250 The art of L.O.T2.R2

Artwork features in 'The art of L.O.T.R's'.


Full article in 'homestyle' magazine 2007