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"Sacha Lees is a truly inspirational portrait artist. Her delightful portrayal of my two grand daughters captures their individual personalities in a unique and talented way through skilled employment of composition, perspective and colour.

Sacha’s use of leading lines draws me into the portraits, towards the children’s eyes, where I experience a warmth and delight at their beauty. Her attention to detail provides an accurate record of a special time in their young lives."

"Sacha treated me with the utmost professionalism by discussing procedures and costs from the outset. She met my requests through every step of the project and delivered the paintings within the specified timeframe.

Thank you, Sacha, for stunning portraits my family will always cherish."

- Lynne Kroening


"Sacha was commissioned to paint portraits of our young daughters last year. The paintings that she produced were so beautiful and hang pride of place.

Technically she is at the top of her game, but additionally, the paintings convey the souls of our children, their expressions captured perfectly, such detail and texture in their faces."

"Sacha has created two unique pieces for our family, that we will treasure and will give us joy for generations to come."

- Gwen Issac



“Sacha has now done two portraits of my beloved German Shepherd “Kuri”

The likeness leaves one in no doubt that this is my dog Kuri.

These portraits mean more to me than ever now with Kuri passing away recently.

They are a constant beautiful reminder of my most loyal companion.

I will always be grateful for Sacha’s incredible talent!”

- J R Ewen